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Join the Complete React Firebase App Workshop, and you will be personally guided

through React-Redux-Firebase essentials

Private Github


Upload your projects to the private Github Team, share them with the mentor and other learners, get feedback and motivation, clone already prepared starter apps, look into other's projects and see how they do it.


StackOverflow Pro Community

Ask for help when something is going wrong with your code and answer will not be waited for too long. Remember to help others, as it is so exciting to explain to others things, which you've just figured out.


Slack Pro


Chat with people who are like minded. Ask questions, share your project achievements, have informal and fun interaction with other members to make your study successful, interesting and productive.


Learner's portal


Come to the learner's portal full with the video tutorials, useful links and code examples. Don't waste your time searching another video tutorial by teacher you are not confide in. Here is great place to learn new topic with the mentor you know and trust.

Code examples


Try out that code by our own. Grab the up-to-date working! code examples,

play with them, change different parts to get an idea how they work and what is responsible for what. We believe the best way to understand the code is to run it by your own.

1-on-1 sessions with the mentor

Schedule personal calls with the mentor, where you'll get comments about your code parts from the experienced programmer, see the best practices of how things should be done and get personal explanation for your coding


What's included

To Make Your Study Successful

GitHub Private Team

Become a part of our GitHub Private Team!

See the variety of projects with the same technologies in the one place. Make sure, you can implement any of your ideas.

  • Code examples and starter apps, as we know the most difficult part of a project is to start it!

  • Share your apps with the mentor and other learners to ask for advice and show your progress.

  • Get feedback and motivation to be sure you are on the right way of your coding workflow.

  • Get a sneak peak at how others do it to grab an idea how to add another feature and move forward to the best parts. 

StackOverflow Pro Community

Become a part of our Private StackOverflow Team!

Find answers and ask your own unique questions. 

Good place to learn from the experience of others and find a solution for your project. 

  • Get answers to questions asked before you. 

  • Ask questions to quickly fix your current coding problem. 

  • Answer to questions other learners may ask. The best way to understand things is to explain them to other.

  • Grow your reputation and take active part in the community. That will be an essential contribution to your success.

Slack Pro Community

Become a part of our Slack Pro Community!

Here you can discuss topics, ask quick questions, share your thoughts and send funny memes. Everything for your productive and non-boring learning. 

  • Ask questions to throw away your confusion. Each question is the valuable content to the community mates.

  • Collect code snippets to come back at any time and see how it was done.

  • Share your discoveries with other learners and mentor to get an idea what they think about it.

  • Have fun & get valuable content, because nice and funny atmosphere makes your learning process fast and effective. 

Learner's portal included

Get immediate access to our on-demand resource library

Learner's portal is our library of curated resources, which we collect with you in mind


  • Code examples

    Nothing like to touch the code and run it for yourself while your learn

  • Video Lessons

    Watch videos in the suggested order or just that topics you are not comfortable with. 

  • Summary

    The big picture and perspective on what we're dealing with

  • Resources

    The power of community, where someone may bring exactly the missing part to everyone's advantage

  • App Ideas

    Simple and advanced apps you can build on weekends to practice your skills using React, Redux and Firebase technologies.

  • Answers

    You've got questions, but so did many before you!

Knowledgeable, polite, and patient. Not only did he help me with the issues at hand, he taught me additional skills that will help me solve future problems. @Alexander

One-on-One session with mentor

One weekly session is included into the membership.


You are in the right place to leave confusion in the past, because we will take your hand and guide you through what React-Redux-Firebase is about.

  • One-on-One Help

    The mentor will spend his personal time to explain React-Redux-Firebase specially to you

  • Pair Coding

    We will use screensharing software to work on the same code together

  • Impossible to forget

    You'll get answers to your questions as soon as they arise.

I've been doing this for a while

Over past 3 years I've been helping coders like yourself with Web Development coding problems

Yuriy is my absolute Go-To Mentor for anything in javascript. In today's session he helped me understand Redux and React-Redux by example and walked me through it with amazing patience. Thank you so much.



Awesome mentor, not only did he give the solution.. he helped explain how and why. I've learned more from Yuriy in 2 sessions than I have reading online for countless hours!



Entrepreneur Developer

Yuriy is a great mentor. He has a lot of knowledge and experience, especially on best practices. He's patient and explains things very well. I highly recommend him as a mentor!



Web Developer

Needed help finishing out an application. He was able to quickly help and fix the problems in the application. Then showed me best practices to improve my application. Would highly recommend.




Yuriy is hands down one of the best mentors in the community. He always takes time to make sure that I understand concepts.





Entrepreneur Developer

Yuriy is a very experienced and knowledgeable coder! I was stuck with some issues for days. He showed me how to solve them quickly. Thank you very much!!




Web Developer

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    You can have one 30-minutes call a week.

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    Get One-on-One session with mentor

    We will use Zoom software for video, sound and screensharing. So we will be able to discuss any issues and pair code!

  • 4

    Happy with results and progress

    We're sure you'll love your progress, as that's how it usually goes. 


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